Tiscali adds Wunderloop to agency roster following a successful pilot

Tiscali has appointed Wunderloop, the European behavioural targeting agency, to offer its advertisers behavioural targeting for their online campaigns.

Wunderloop won the business after a successful pilot that saw an uplift of up to 300% in click-through rates for advertisers that took part in the trial.

Behavioural targeting techniques are used to present ads based on past user behaviour online – if a user has been looking at car sites they will be shown ads promoting car-related products such as insurance.

The online industry is keen for advertising to adopt the use of such techniques with major players like Yahoo! and MSN already using it to help advertisers target their campaigns more effectively.

Alex Hole, Tiscali UK director of online media services, says: “We wanted our advertising to become more user-oriented by serving up advertisements that are more closely aligned with user’s interests and profile. Behavioural targeting is the next step in delivering relevant, compelling advertising to users.”

He adds that the use of behavioural targeting will help Tiscali to identify and create groups according to the requirements of its clients. Hole says: “It will become crucial across the whole media spectrum, specifically value-added services such as IPTV.”

He adds that Tiscali will not be tailoring content for advertisers at present but says it is a development the media company will look at in the future.


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