Titan plans roll-out of more railway digital poster sites

Titan Outdoor is developing a new network of digital poster sites, which are due to be launched in train stations later in the year.

The company already has a network of 17 large digital screens on rail station concourses, but is now developing a much broader offering.

“We’re definitely focused on digital – we’re looking to expand it into other areas of our business,” says Alison Reay, joint managing director of Titan UK.

Titan hopes the new system will be rolled out across stations in London and the South-east by the end of the year. It will include sites on platforms rather than concourses and could involve smaller digital screens and Bluetooth connectivity.

It is the latest in a trend among outdoor advertising companies to invest in digital marketing. Viacom Outdoor is installing 2,000 digital sites on the London Underground as part of a &£72m investment programme, while Redbus Outdoor has also been pushing its Bluetooth poster sites on university campuses.

Reay says Titan is talking with advertisers about day-parting, where the sites carry different ads at different times of the day, on its digital screens.

Last week, Titan bought a majority stake in bus advertising company, Adbus, and set up a joint venture with its management team to develop bus advertising opportunities in the UK and Europe.


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