TiVo homework for the outdoors

I am pleased that Graham Appleby is a great deal better informed then I am about the potential for personal video recorders such as the TiVo system to decimate TV audiences. I bow to his expert view! (MW November 16).

As for Graham’s clarion call to TV executives everywhere to boycott poster advertising by closing their eyes and hitting the accelerator – I wouldn’t advise it. Not only does such an action run the risk of cutting down the flower of TV talent before their time, it will also deny them the opportunity to see their own poster advertising.

As TV companies are strong users of outdoor media (and regularly produce some of the best creative for it), I intend to counter Graham’s campaign by encouraging all the young and outgoing outdoor executives to counter the negative effects that PVRs may have by staying in more to watch TV commercials.

David Pugh

Managing director

Maiden Outdoor


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