TK Maxx pulls range of walking sticks with 20-inch blade

TK Maxx has for the second time in days been forced to pull another line of products from its stores. It has removed a range of walking sticks which were being sold with a 20-inch blade concealed inside its base.

Last week, TK Maxx came under fire when blades were found attached to a chain inside hooded jackets known as Stellson Jackets. The discount retailer had been selling the coats for £59. It was also forced to pull the jackets from stores.

In the latest incident, a blade in the walking stick was found by a customer who saw a sharp sword hidden in the shaft of a decorative cane bought from a discount bin in a TK Maxx store in Plymouth.

The company has put a statement on its website saying that it takes the safety of its customers and associates “very seriously”.

It adds: “We have been surprised by events this week and want to reassure the public that these incidents were by no means intentional and we greatly regret that this has occurred.”


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