Toblerone to launch fruit and nut variant

TobleroneKraft is launching a fruit-and-nut variant of its Toblerone brand to reignite interest in the bar. It is understood that a 400g bar will be launched this summer.

It is believed the food giant plans to introduce fruit and nut as a permanent flavour and will extend it into countline bars if it proves successful. It is not clear if Kraft plans to support the launch.

Industry insiders say that Kraft struggles “to know what to do with the brand” and suggests the new variant is about “flowering things up” rather than being part of a proper brand strategy.

There are already a number of variants under the Toblerone brand, including white, dark, extra dark and praline-centred.

Kraft has made moves to extend the brand over recent years. It has been extended into the bite-size category with the launch of Toblerone One by One and Kraft also signed a licensing deal with Unilever in 2004 to make Toblerone and Carte D’or co-branded ice cream (MW August 12, 2004).

The brand’s packaging was revamped as part of a Valentine’s Day campaign to boost sales. A removable sleeve was added to the packaging with slogans such as To my Love and Lover Boy.

It is understood that Kraft is keen to develop its range of countline bars and has already launched snack bar Terry’s 3D in March. The 42g bar is made of biscuit with a cream filling and is covered in milk chocolate.


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