Tommy Hilfiger adopts Steve McQueen’s style

Fashion label Tommy Hilfiger is to celebrate its 25th anniversary this autumn with the launch of a new Icon collection backed by a campaign featuring style icons Steve McQueen and Grace Kelly.

The late actors will feature in a global retail campaign and will be used as an inspiration for a limited edition Icon collection to be offered across its stores worldwide.

“Both the collection and the campaign celebrate the unclassifiable cool of some of Tommy Hilfiger’s style heroes, including Steve McQueen and Grace Kelly,” says a spokesperson for the fashion label.

“The range of characters and eras will reflect Tommy Hilfiger’s wide-ranging interest in American culture and style.”

The brand has commissioned artist Michael Zavros to create specially-crafted images of the actors to feature in the campaign.

Hilfiger is the latest brand to tap into the “deleb” trend of recent years – using dead celebrities to back their promotional drives.

Steve McQueen has appeared in advertisements for brands including Tag Heuer and Ford – both posthumously.

Other celebrities to appear in advertisements posthumously include Gene Kelly, who featured in a promotion for the Volkswagen Golf Gti, and John Lennon and Marilyn Monroe, who were recently used in ads to promote the Citroën DS3.

The deal to use these stars was brokered by product licensing and branding agency Greenlight, which owns the rights to a number of icons.



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