Tomorrow’s stars put to test

It would be good to know how the Marketing Academy scholars’ psychometric reports compare with the Diagonal Thinking Self-Assessment. This is a free online test, launched in 2008, and its data reveals that only 10% of the population are ‘diagonal thinkers’ and achieve top scores in both the linear and lateral exercises.

A five-year study by the IPA and Agency People revealed a correlation between diagonal thinkers and success in five of the key jobs in agencies. It would be fascinating to compare results for this for the 30 Marketing Academy scholars against their team focus assessments. My prediction is the diagonal thinkers will be the future stars.

Hamish Pringle
Strategic advisor, 23red


Delivery, not creativity, is root of trust

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Your article on Marks & Spencer using its ‘trusted brand’ status to diversify led me to think about what makes brands trusted. The reputations of BMW, Mercedes, Sony, Apple and Intel are built on mechanical quality and reliability as well as technical innovation; being trusted to deliver excellence consistently rather than fancy creativity. If they […]

PR’s effectiveness should also be seen in sales leads

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Why was there not a mention of PR’s impact on sales in your article about the need for the PR industry to measure the outcomes of campaigns, not just the outputs? Levels of awareness and positive perception are metrics of value to a marketer, but do they sufficiently illustrate the PR’s effectiveness, especially to the […]

Charities can’t disregard email best practice

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The article on the rise of complaints over charity email campaigns raised some good points about the challenges marketers face in these budget stretched times. Many of the complaints levied relate to data use, and it has never been more important for all brands, not just charities, to connect with customers in the right manner […]