Top 10 most watched YouTube ads

O2’s call to arms for the nation to be ‘more dog’ proved the popular ad on YouTube in July, while excitement  following the arrival of the Royal baby helped Carling score a viral hit.

O2: Be more dog

The quirky campaign, developed in partnership with VCCP, captured the nation’s imagination with its plea to people to “be more dog” as it entered the battle for 4G dominance.

Carling: Exclusive ‘Decorators’ Ad – It’s a Boy

The fleet-footed brewer tapped into the positive buzz around the latest addition to the Royal family with a custom congratulatory video to Wills and Kate.

Honda “Hands”

Honda’s decision to keep it simple for its latest ad paid dividends as its speechless video – created to highlight the curiosity of Honda engineers – struck a chord with UK viewers.

IKEA One Room Paradise Music Video

The retailer continued its rich vein of advertising form with this spot featuring the brand’s now trademark use of great music and slightly surreal settings to highlight how its products can transform homes.

Diageo Ask Dave – Think How You Drink

The drinks maker turned Jeremy Beadle for its latest campaign which sees it produce a series of spoof videos to show young people how drinking to excess can lead to shame and embarrassment.

QualcommThe World Without Mobile

VolvicJoey Essex and Sam Faiers get tropical singing La Bamba!

Kellogg’sKrave Challenge

Paco RabanneInvictus

O2Dom Joly learns to Be more dog – O2 Guru TV Unlocked