Google, Giffgaff, Marmite: The top 10 YouTube ads in October

The most popular ads on YouTube last month included Google’s new Pixel 2 smartphone and a musical number from Nintendo’s Super Mario.

1. Google Pixel 2: Questioning?

Top of the YouTube advertising charts in October was this quick fire ad from Google asking consumers to question whether their current smartphone is ticking enough boxes. With the Pixel still a long way behind the likes of Galaxy and the iPhone in terms of user adoption, the ad ends with the slogan ‘Ask more of your phone’. Google will be hoping this is the kind of messaging that can convince Brits to switch over to a Pixel 2.

Creative agency: Droga 5 / BBH London

2. Smyths Toys: #PickSnot

This ad follows the story of icky toy ‘Snot’ – basically a walking bogey – as he battles a monster in a car park. Upon defeating the beast, he’s welcomed into a Smyths Toys store by its walking toy inhabitants. I’m happy to be proven wrong here, but, I doubt the Snot toy will be a number one seller this Christmas.

Creative agency: McCann Manchester

3. giffgaff: 2AM

It wouldn’t be right without a Halloween ad in October’s top 10 and this spooky mini film from giffgaff is very much targeted at students. It shows a girl going to a Halloween party, only to end her night in sinister circumstances as she discovers a secret room where all her friends are hooked up as prisoners to electrical machines. The message is giffgaff doesn’t imprison young people on phone contracts, or something.

4. Marmite: Test results from the Marmite Gene Project

Comically playing into the idea that Marmite splits Brits’ taste buds, this humorous ad shows various families coming to terms with the results of a gene test letting them know whether they are ‘lovers’ or ‘haters’. One woman likens the revelation that her husband actually hates Marmite to him having an affair.

Creative agency: adam&eveDDB

5. Apple: Apple Watch Series 3 + Apple Music — Roll

This ad for the latest Apple Watch features a teenager stylishly riding around as a song on streaming service Apple Music blares out of his earphones. Think Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver with less violence and skateboards instead of cars.

Creative agency: Media Arts Lab

6. Simply Business: Insurance as unique as your business

7. Smart Energy: Ainsley Harriotts’s muscle food challenge

Creative agency: AMV BDBO

8. Apple: 8 things to love about the iPhone 8

Creative agency: Media Arts Lab

9. Nintendo – Super Mario Odyssey musical

10. Lancome – Our newest launch to the family

Creative agency: McCann



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