Top 5 snowy ads

As ‘inclement weather’ blankets the UK in a frosty glow, stay inside and reminisce on our pick of the top five snowy marketing campaigns outside of the Christmas period.

Metz – Judderman (2000)

Our first wintry wonder is a nightmarish spot from Bacardi’s now discontinued Schnapps brand Metz. The spot was so creepy it made the list Channel 4’s “100 Greatest Scary Moments” programme three years later.

Coors Light – Jean Claude van Damme (2011)

Coors Light: reminding us Jean Claude van Damme likes his pants tight and his beer light.

Polo – Snow Stamps (2009)

Remember when a few piddly snowflakes ground the entire UK to a halt four years ago? Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again this weekend, but if it does here’s hoping another brand comes up with an ingenious idea like this to make the most of it (there is a video below, we promise, just click the snowy white space).

Coca-Cola – Polar Bears (1993)

Coca-Cola has used polar bears in its marketing campaigns since 1922 – and just this week launched a new campaign featuring the graceful Arctic beasts – but here’s one of our favourites from 1993.

Carling – Belong (2007)

Carling in 2007 demonstrating how an ice-cold lager can make even the most moronic of mates seem like a top lad. Drink responsibly in this cold weather, folks.



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