Top Harrods position goes to US marketer

Harrods is understood to have appointed a new group marketing director to replace Trevor Bell who left in May to become marketing director of retail group Facia (MW May 26).

The group has recruited Nancy Spall, an American who previously developed the marketing strategy for the World League of American Football in the UK, and spearheaded its launch in Europe. She has also worked for Coca-Cola in the US.

It is understood she will start at Harrods on September 11.

Spall will head Harrods’ group marketing and report to the group board, chaired by Mohamed Al Fayed.

She will run a marketing budget of more than 2.5m. The 1.5m above-the-line business is handled by Leagas Delaney.

Her responsibilities include marketing for the Knightsbridge store internationally, and for the Ritz Hotel in Paris.