Top marketer axed in £11m Psion job cull

Psion’s marketing director Alasdair Seton-Marsden has been made redundant as part of a £11m restructure which has resulted in 100 job losses at the company’s London and Milton Keynes offices.

It is understood that the marketing department has been cut from 14 to three people and there are no plans to appoint a new marketing director.

Seton-Marsden, who joined Psion from Microsoft in 1999, says he is talking with a number of undisclosed companies. He was one of seven directors made redundant as Psion moves away from the consumer market following losses of £1.4m.

Seton-Marsden was overseeing the appointment of a creative agency to handle Psion’s £10m global advertising account put up for review earlier this year. It is understood that work by Tequila and incumbent Spirit is being tested in the UK and other markets before the company makes a decision.

The media planning account, which in the UK is held by John Ayling & Associates, is not part of the review.

The company has ditched plans to make a new Internet mobile phone following the decision by its partner Motorola to pull out in January.


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