Top media agencies prefer TV advertising

The Evening Standard has compiled an index of media agencies, which shows their bias, in terms of billings, towards different types of media.

The top ten media agencies are shown to have a preference for Television. Among them Starcom Motive has the highest percentage of billings at 73.9 per cent, well above the medium average of 48 per cent for agencies covered.

The index, compiled from AC Nielsen MMS data for the period October 1999 to September 2000, also provides a breakdown of the use of certain types of press, including magazines and London-based media.

Neville Toptani, head of planning at the Evening Standard, says: “Although often client driven, agencies do build upon their competencies. It is no surprise that the biggest agencies have a bias towards TV because of their client base.”

The index, which is available to interested parties, was constructed by the Evening Standard to help the newspaper better understand the London media market and the attitude of agencies towards it.

Sister newspaper The Mail on Sunday, has also revealed the results of research into the Sunday shopping habits of its readers, it reveals that 50 per cent of readers go grocery shopping on Sunday and 60 per cent do their general shopping on that day.

The research, conducted by ICM, also shows that 65 per cent of readers consume the main news before 2pm, allowing for the use of same-day tactical sales messages in the newspaper.


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