Top ten YouTube ads in November

Despite attracting more than 700 complaints, Sainsbury’s World War One themed video topped the list of most watched ads on YouTube in November, beating John Lewis’s Monty the Penguin into second place despite the social media hype surrounding the latter.

1. Sainsbury’s Christmas 2014

Despite the controversy surrounding it, the Sainsbury’s Christmas ad, inspired by the events of Christmas Day, 1914, came out on top with its tear-triggering WW1 storyline.

2. John Lewis Christmas 2014- #MontyThePenguin

The story of a little boy, Sam, and his best friend Monty the Penguin pulled on enough heartstrings to make it the second most viewed ad in November.

3. Marks & Spencer Christmas 2014 #FollowTheFairies

“Follow the Fairies” gained popularity as Marks & Spencer’s admitted it was behind the Twitter account @TheTwoFairies who had been travelling around the country offering gifts to random members of the public.

4. Mulberry #WinChristmas

This Mulberry ad taps into the competitive side of Christmas gift giving as a family attempts to “Win Christmas” with the best present on Christmas morning.

5. Tesco Christmas 2014 – Lights on

Put together by a team who worked on the 2012 Olympic ceremony, Tesco responded to a customer’s tweet by delivering a light show featuring nearly one million LED lights in the spirit of Christmas, resulting in the videos that stole both the fifth and seventh spots on the top 10 list.

6. Found It! Debenhams Christmas 2014

This multi-million pound campaign showcases the retailer’s gift offering as children stay overnight in a Debenhams store in search of the perfect present.

7. Tesco Christmas 2014 – The Wigan Light Show

The light show was put together as part of Tesco’s “Lights On” campaign.

8. “From London with Love” Starring Romeo Beckham

Romeo Beckham added click power to this theatrical Burberry spot which shows a young couple falling in love in London.

9. Waitrose Christmas 2014 The Gingerbread Stall

This story of a girl put in charge of making gingerbread biscuits at her school’s Christmas fair pushed the Waitrose message that because it’s employee owned, it cares more.

10. Boots Christmas 2014 #SpecialBecause

Boots UK asked customers to celebrate the loved ones in their lives through the story of a family surprising a nurse coming home late from work on Boxing Day, having saved their Christmas celebrations for her arrival.


nike perfect kick 304

The Top 10 YouTube ads in August

Sarah Vizard

Nike managed to find its way back to the top of YouTube’s leaderboard last month with an ad featuring its cartoon version of Cristiano Ronaldo taking a gravity-defying free kick, while the new Fifa 15 game and a video to promote wearing sunscreen rounded out the top three.


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