Top ten YouTube ads in October

Hobbits, David Beckham and Kittens all ranked high on YouTube in October, providing Air New Zealand, Diageo and Buzzfeed with the creative clout needed to convince viewers to press play.


1. Air New Zealand – The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made #airnzhobbit

As the official airline of Middle Earth (ok the country that doubled for it in the movies), Air New Zealand has gone all out to celebrate next month’s release of the final film in the Hobbit trilogy. Featuring two hardcore Hobbit fans, the airline’s “Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made” is the latest in a series that has collectively clocked up close to 50 million views online. The True Advertising-created ad features nods to the films along with the appearances of Elijah Wood, famed for playing Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings series, as well as the movies’ director and New Zealander Peter Jackson.

2. David Beckham’s Extended Haig Club Ad

Diageo knew it was on to a winner when it signed David Beckham to front its latest whisky brand and its debut ad’s ranking hints at the potency of the tie-up. Shot by Snatch director Guy Ritchie, the ad for Haig Club lands the usual style, music and visual cues that go hand-in-hand with the category. But when it’s done so slickly and with the star wattage of Beckham it’s not surprising the ad, created by adam&EveDDB, has wooed viewers.

3. Tasty Turkey Meatballs Taster – Ben’s Beginners

The family cooking channel from Uncle Ben’s scored a hit last month with its lesson, filmed by BBDO, on how to make turkey meatballs.

4. Mercurial Superfly CR7: CR7 in “Out of this World”

Nike’s moody spot for the world’s best footballer Cristiano Ronaldo shows how the player gains superhuman qualities when he puts on his latest “Mercurial Superfly CR7” boots. The Wieden+Kennedy-created ad follows the Real Madrid’s star journey from half way across the world to last month’s El Clasico match against Barcelona.

5. Snickers Mr Bean – High Kick

Snickers’ “Your Not You When Your Hungry” ads, devised by AMVBBDO, have had some fun celebrities in the past and its latest is no exception. It sees Rowan Atkinson reprise his role as Mr Bean as he takes on the role of a hapless kung fu warrior. Needless to say, hilarity ensures as the comedian stumbles, slips and falls his way through the kung-fu movie-style scene.

6. Buzzfeed: Dear Kitten: Regarding The Dog

7. Boss Bottled – Man of Today TV ad

8. ITV: Get Ready With Me – Date Night!

9. SSE TV Advert – Seeing energy through fresh eyes

10. Snickers Mr Bean – Wooden Dummy