Top tips for digital transformation from marketers at Vue, Shop Direct and Shell

Dominic Rowell, Gareth Jones and Fiona Low on why collaboration and simplicity are key to digital transformation and why it should be a continuous journey rather than a one-off fix.

Dominic Rowell, Commercial director, VUE

You can’t just do this as a department or as an individual. A digital transformation project [involves] marketing, B2B sales, IT and technology, operations, property – it’s the way we sculpt and build a foyer or new cinema site. There is a real appetite to do it but you need to be clear that every single department will have to step up. So you have to be able to engage, be patient and take the organisation on a journey.

Gareth Jones, Deputy CEO and retail and strategy director, Shop Direct

The vital ingredients to transformation are sticking to a simple plan you believe in and working tirelessly to get the entire business pointing in the same direction. You also can’t do everything. There are new digital innovations daily but you can’t chase all of them. Focusing on the few innovations that are going to make the biggest difference to our business now and in the future is the right way to go.

Fiona Low, Global head of digital marketing, Shell

The nature of anything that you are building in the digital world is such that, depending on the scale of what you are trying to achieve, there is always a balance to be struck between ambition and spend and getting it to market. Aligning with people who are comfortable making decisions without all of the information is really important; [those who are] comfortable moving forward with things that might not be perfect.



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