Topshop to stock Urban Fresh Fruit snacks

Urban Fresh Fruit will sell its dried fruit products in Topshop stores from today (October 27). The health food company says it is hoping to replace the unhealthy bag of crisps or chocolate bars that people commonly snack on when shopping.

The Arcadia-owned retailer will stock the Urban Fresh Fruit products in 60 of its stores, with various fruit products available in 35g-40g snack sized bag.

The products will be promoted in-store with messages such as “good at 3.40pm, brilliant at 9.07pm”, “not a bag of crisps” or “it’s soooo not chocolate”.

Hayley Gait-Golding, co-founder of Urban Fresh Fruit, says: “We want shoppers to think of Urban Fresh Fruit as a fun, fashionable and modern healthy snack, dispelling the image that all dried fruit is dull.”

The tie-up with Topshop comes as the health food company relaunches its products with new packaging.


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