Tories ready Spotify campaign

The Conservative Party is to become the first UK political party to advertise on music streaming service Spotify as it looks to ramp up its digital marketing efforts in a bid to attract younger voters.

David Cameron
David Cameron

The advertisement is voiced by party chairman Eric Pickles and highlights the cost to each person of the current multi-billion deficit.

Using Spotify allows the Tories to evade rules that forbid political parties to advertise on television or radio in the UK outside of election broadcasts in the run-up to a general election.

The party says it may continue to use the music site as the election gets closer to deliver localised messages as the service allows advertisers to target listeners by postcode.

Jeremy Hunt, shadow culture secretary, says it is always looking “for new and relevant ways of engaging with people”.

The party has been ramping up its digital marketing over the last twelve months as it readies itself for the election next May.

Earlier this month, it launched to help supporters become more involved in campaign activity as the party looks to replicate the role online played in the election of Barack Obama as US President last year.

It also recently appointed LBi to its digital account as well as overhauling its website last year.


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