Tories take over YouTube for final election push

The Conservatives have launched a home-page takeover of YouTube as the party looks to online to get maximum visibility on polling day.

David Cameron
David Cameron

The Tories will use the video-sharing site to broadcast their final election video, titled ’A contract between the Conservative Party and you’, to reach floating voters.

The move is part of the final marketing push by all the main parties, especially Labour and the Conservatives.

Labour has launched a Facebook app which changes users status to say “I’m voting Labour on 6 May”, while a real-time ad campaign will run tomorrow counting down until the polls close. Yesterday it sent an SMS to 50,000 supporters encouraging them to rally further support.

All have said online is a key battleground for the election, especially due to restrictions that don’t allow political advertising on TV, radio or in print.

A Conservative spokesman said, “We’ll be doing all the usual stuff like email and search, but we also felt we needed something else to get scale. YouTube is pretty much the biggest individual page you get for advertising on in any given day, so for us it was the best.”

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