Tourism Australia launches global ad campaign

Tourism Australia has launched a £2.5m global advertising campaign featuring ordinary Australians singing a jingle amid a backdrop of famous Australian landscapes.

The ad, created by DDB Australia, will be played on YouTube for the next three months before being rolled out in Britain in September as a TV and cinema campaign.

The new ad begins a three-year, £88m marketing campaign with the tagline: “There’s Nothing Like Australia.”

This will mark the third global tourism campaign in four years and Tourism Australia is hoping it will erase the lukewarm response to the previous ’Come Walkabout’ and ’So Where The Bloody Hell Are You?’ campaigns.

The TV ad is directed by ad man Michael Gracey, who made Evian Roller Babies, the most watched commercial on YouTube. It features Australians singing lines from the specially composed anthem ’There’s Nothing Like Australia’.

The ad, filmed over the past month at locations across the nation, has drawn inspiration from more than 30,000 entries to an online competition asking Australians to show off their own favourite parts of the country.

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