Tourism Ireland likely to reposition tourist message

Tourism Ireland is looking to review its positioning line “Go where Ireland takes you” alongside its advertising agency requirements.

The tourism body stated at the end of last year that it had a €12.8m (£11.5m) marketing budget to target more visitors from Britain.

It launched an advertising campaign in January this year under the “Go where Ireland takes you banner” with a strong focus on price led messages.

The Irish economy is under strain and the government has just had to give more state support to the Anglo Irish Bank.

However, a spokeswoman for Tourism Ireland said that the body’s budget had actually been increased this year to €15m (£13.1m).

She adds: “Under the lifetime of the new advertising contract, which could be up to seven years in length, Tourism Ireland is certainly open to developing a new strapline and the tender documents are written in such a way as to allow for that possibility.

Tourism Ireland’s lead advertising agency is currently JWT.



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