Towering cost of Robson’s photo

The launch of Eurosport’s World Cup coverage came down to what must be the PR equivalent of a penalty shoot-out last week.

The station planned to fly former England captain Bryan Robson, the World Cup trophy, and most of the tabloid press to the Eiffel Tower for a photo opportunity. The idea was: Eurosport fixes it for Captain Marvel to get his hands on the World Cup, halfway up the Eiffel Tower. The one snag was Robson informed the Euro channel that he would be on holiday in Malaga at the time and his wife wouldn’t allow him to leave the family.

Several conversations, and much tearing of hair later, a compromise was reached. A private jet was to fly Robson from Spain to France and back again. Cost: 6,000.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the people at Eurosport know differently.


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