Toyota assigns highest share of marketing spend to online for pair of ad campaigns

Toyota has made its biggest online investment to date with the launch of two branding campaigns, to back the release of its Auris Hybrid model and promote its overall brand.

Toyota will spend approximately £12m on the two campaigns, 14% dedicated to online, which represents a 4% rise in its online spend compared to the last
12 months.

Lisa Fielden, Toyota GB¹s brand development manager, said the company had over-invested in traditional media channels in the past. ³This is the biggest investment we¹ve ever made online. The overall marketing spend for the Auris launch is some £6m, £6000,000 of which will go online. The Your Toyota My Toyota campaign will take roughly the same again online,² she said.

Fielden said Toyota has upped its online spend because the web is the prefect medium for conveying the concept of the Auris. ³The hybrid is a complicated message because it¹s unfamiliar technology so can¹t be summed up in one ad. Online advertising is the perfect fit.²

The Your Toyota My Toyota campaign will promote the car maker¹s new five-year/100,000-mile warranty, which will become standard on all new Toyota cars purchased after 1 June.

The campaign will run across online, TV and radio, and will include pre-roll and post-roll ads on Channel 4¹s and ITV¹s on-demand platforms. Fielden said, ³These two offered the highest reach and best programming. If successful, we¹ll consider doing this for the Auris campaign.²

Toyota has kicked off an online and offline push for the release of its first hybrid model to be built in the UK.

The Auris campaign is in the pre-launch phase and so far features online display and digital outdoor ads, alongside TV and national press.

Toyota is working with media agencies Glue Isobar and Zenith Media on the campaigns.

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