Toyota bid to rebuild brand reputation still in slow lane

Car manufacturer hit by recall crisis sees reputation rise, according to YouGov.

Television campaign: The ‘Your Toyota is My Toyota’ ad aims to rebuild brand reputation

Toyota is slowly beginning to restore confidence in its brand, but still has work to do to fully regain consumer trust, according to the latest YouGov BrandIndex figures.

The car marque has seen its reputation score increase to 19.6 this week from a low of -7.8 during the global recall crisis in February.
Its Index rating has also increased to 17.1 from a low of -3.6 and its Buzz rating is up to 1.0 from a yearly low of -62.7.

However, Toyota’s reputation score is still far short of the 29.5 achieved in January and its buzz score also falls well below the 12.7 that the brand was hitting at the start of the year. Overall, the Index scores are 9.1 points behind their January levels.

Toyota has launched a series of reassurance campaigns since February. The latest “Your Toyota is My Toyota” ad features employees championing the car manufacturer.

However, almost two-thirds (62%) of respondents to the latest poll doubt whether the campaign will rebuild trust in the brand. And only 29% think it is the right brand move.

Toyota’s UK sales have continued to slide on a monthly basis, according to figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders.


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