Toyota drives forward with love truck

“Can I have sex in it?” may not be the first question a UK motorist asks when buying a new car. Most are concerned with fuel efficiency, speed and performance, rather than the width of the back seats and whether the suspension will squeak.

But the practicality of a bit of nooky appears to be a priority among car buyers in over-crowded Japan. There the philandering motorist’s choice of chariot is apparently Toyota’s new hybrid car, the Prius. The Japanese edition of Penthouse has just voted it “Car of The Year To Have Sex In”, calling it the “Mobile Love Hotel for the 21st Century”.

Apparently Penthouse Japan was particularly impressed by the potential of the Prius’ “free and open front-seat area”. Fortunately, the car will arrive in Europe next year and we’ll be able to get a clear look at those front seats.


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