Toyota launches new reassurance push

Toyota is continuing with its reassurance marketing push and has taken out a new series of full page newspaper adverts headlined “We’re pulling together to put things right.”


The move comes as the marque revealed it faces a U.S. criminal probe into the handling of its massive recalls, while Japanese officials voiced concern over the economic impact of the automakers’ problems.

The ads aims to reassure consumers that the marque is working hard to ensure safer cars in the future, following the latest spate of recalls which affected around eight million vehicles worldwide.

It says: “History shows that great companies learn from their mistakes. That’s why all 9,800 people working for Toyota and our dealers in the UK, are doing more than ever to make things right for our customers today and for the future.”

The ad reassures consumers that the company has mobilised all its technicians to deal with the pedal problems and engineers are working as quickly as possible to resolve these issues. It also expresses its thanks to customers and authorities for its help and patience during the recall process.

Toyota recently confirmed it is to close one of its UK factories for an extra week over Easter, as a result of the global recall crisis.

Its new marketing approach will involve offering heavy incentives and warranties in an effort to combat mounting consumer concerns about the car manufacturer amid its recall crisis.


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