Toyota poaches Renault marketer

Toyota has appointed Renault’s chief marketer as its senior vice-president of sales and marketing in Europe.

Thierry Dombreval, who is head of strategy and marketing at Renault, is to join Toyota Europe on January 1.

At the same time John Howett, Toyota Europe’s vice-president of sales and marketing, has been put in charge of all after-sales activities for the company.

Howett was made director of marketing for the Toyota brand in 1997. In March last year the Lexus brand was added to his responsibilities, and he was made a vice-president in January this year.

Both Dombreval and Howett report directly to Toyota Motor Europe’s executive vice president Takis Athanasopoulos.

Dombreval is to be replaced by Renault UK managing director Benoit Marzloff who, like Dombreval, will become head of marketing for the Renault Group and a member of the Renault management committee. Marzloff has held his position in the UK since 1996.

Marzloff is to be replaced by Philippe Talou-Derible, general manager of Renault Nissan Switzerland. Talou-Derible has held a number of positions in sales and marketing in the motor industry, including sales and marketing director of Audi in France.


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