Trailfinders personalises direct mail campaign

Trailfinders, the travel advisor, has launched a personalised direct mail campaign to promote its partnership with the Shangri-La hotel chain.

Created by customer management agency Snowball, the digitally printed booklet features photography of Shangri-La hotels and resorts, with images and copy tailored to customers’ own bookings.

The direct mail may feature images of the last Shangri-La hotel the customer stayed at, or different information depending on whether they have previously stayed with the chain or not.

Wording will reference the customers most recent hotel booking with Trailfinders and images will vary based on how likely the customer is to visit a specific type of destination, such as beach resorts or city breaks.

Trailfinders is providing different contact numbers, not a generic contact so that customers can contact the most relevant sales advisors.

It is the first time that the travel company has used data to segment and target existing customers with marketing materials.


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