Transactis in real-time link launch

Retailers: Can now combine their online and offline customer data

Customer insight and database marketing company Transactis is enabling real-time linking of online data capture with offline customer information. Using a middleware solution that removes the need for disruptive changes to e-commerce applications, it will allow real-time decision-making using holistic customer data.

Application Mediation, a platform developed by Australian technology company FMT, allows users to extract data from business-critical e-commerce systems without reconfiguring them. Transactis is using this to create an infrastructure for retailers that will combine all their customer data to improve web-delivered services and customer management, while increasing return on investment.



Mother knows best

Marketing Week

The Mother’s Union calling on brands to sign Fairtrade-style pledges to protect children from advertising (“Brands urged to sign pledge to children”, MW 16 September) is in my view a PR stunt that promotes The Mother’s Union while doing little to protect children from harm.


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