Transactis launches real-time data linking

Customer insight and database marketing company Transactis is enabling real-time linking of online data capture with offline customer information. Using a middleware solution that removes the need for disruptive changes to e-commerce applications, it will allow for real-time decision making using holistic customer information.

The key to the new service is Application Mediation, a platform developed by Australian technology company FMT, which claims to be a world-first. It allows users to extract data from business critical e-commerce systems without reconfiguring them. Transactis is using this solution to create an infrastructure for retailers that will combine all of their customer data assets to improve web-delivered services and customer management, while increasing return on investment and minimising losses.

“Increasingly companies are aware that they cannot just put customers in silos – online, mail order, shop floor – but need to realise that the consumer sees the business as a complete entity and interacts with it through different channels. FMT’s technology allows companies to have the whole picture of each customer while they interact with the consumer in real time – quickly and easily,” said David Steele, chief executive of Transactis.

He added: “Engaging with FMT, a recognised leader in innovative technologies in other parts of the world, is indicative of our own commitment at Transactis to innovate and improve our clients’ ability to turn customer data into actionable insight. Understanding our clients’ emerging needs helps us to find solutions that they can then employ to drive their businesses forward.”


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