Travelodge aims to woo downtrading business customers

Budget hotel chain Travelodge is hoping to capitalise on slashed expense accounts with the launch of a new business account card.

The chain is hoping to increase its corporate clientele by “100%” with the new card, which offers eight weeks credit. The firm says it has been “inundated” with enquiries from firms trading down from mid-market hotels and looking for cheaper options.

The launch comes as 38% of businesses have reduced travel expenses, according to a survey carried out by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and development (CIPD).

The Travelodge move follows it’s launch of an independently run ‘pricecheck’ campaign which compares its room rates with its UK competitors “in every major hotel market.”

Managing director Guy Parsons says his rivals “rip-off” room rates highlight the Travelodge bargains. “You may not get a 10ft swimming pool or basement gym with three pieces of equipment, but you will make substantial savings with us,” he says.

The chain recently appointed Bridget Dowling, the former Ryanair sales and marketing manager, as marketing chief for Travelodge Ireland, where she reports to director of Travelodge Ireland Seamus McGowan.


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