Travelodge ecommerce director talks brands

On 29 September 2010, The Annual from Marketing Week will lay out smart thinking, smart working and smart engagement strategies for businesses. We ask Charlie Herbert, ecommerce director at Travelodge in charge of marketing, which brands impress him:



working: Amazon
Amazon delivers better customer care than most traditional highstreet retailers, yet it is online. In addition it delivers excellent price leadership too. There is no reason why it cannot continue to add more products and lines with this service ethos. We all question if a certain grocery retailer is taking over our wallets and world, but I think that Amazon is going to give it a very good run for its money.

The Annual, Marketing Week’s new conference on 29 September 2010


thinking: Apple
Whether by accident or design, Apple entered the mobile phone market at the perfect time when the mobile internet had come out of its 10-year painful birthing process and yet there were no providers of handsets capable of doing it justice. Apple is truly customer focused where the customer experience is more important than the “bits and bites”.


Saga is the brand you really don’t ever want to become engaged with. I remain steadfast that it will not have me once I reach that age, but I also know that it engages people so effortlessly that one day I will look in the mirror and realise it has me.

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