Trebor Bassett uses TV push to rebrand children’s confectionery

Trebor Bassett is introducing a new umbrella brand with the relaunch of its kids’ confectionery range.

The brand name, understood to be Bassett’s and Beyond, will be carried on the various lines of children’s sweets, including black jacks and fruit salads.

Cartoon characters of a boy and a dog inhabiting the imaginary world of Bassett’s and Beyond will be pictured on packs of sweets.

The number of product lines in the children’s confectionery range is also understood to be under review.

The relaunch will be promoted by a TV ad featuring the cartoon characters.

The move follows the rebranding of its range of family bags of sweets under the Bassett’s Fundays name in April. This was accompanied by a reduction in the family bag range from 57 to 25 lines.

A confectionery expert says: “It wants to get the name Bassett’s across, and in the past it did not have coherent branding across the ranges.”

Trebor Bassett claims that its products accounted for 28 per cent of the £1.3bn sugar confectionery market in 1998.


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