Triple Two Dogs creates outrage

Two Dogs, the Australian alcoholic lemonade distributed in the UK by Merrydown and Whitbread, is planning to launch a triple-strength version. The move has angered consumer watchdogs anxious about its effects on young and under-age drinkers.

The brand has an alcoholic strength of four per cent alcohol by volume. Duncan MacGillivray, managing director of Two Dogs and the man who invented the product, says he plans to introduce stronger versions in the UK. Next year the company will launch a lemonade product with an alcoholic strength of 11 per cent, he says.

Pressure group Alcohol Concern says it is worried about the appeal alcoholic lemonades and colas have to young drinkers.

A spokesman says: “We would strongly urge him (MacGillivray) not to come up with a triple strength version of Two Dogs. Drinks companies have a responsibility to ensure their products are not misused.”

MacGillivray says he is planning to launch a 5.6 per cent version of Two Dogs before Christmas. It is understood that another version of the brand, called Grand Champions, will also be launched.

In Australia, the brand has been extended, with versions containing spirits such as vodka and tequilla.


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