Trust me and I’ll nick your crisps

It seems that Des Lynam’s time as the nation’s favourite uncle has come to an end. Your mum would rather giggle coquettishly and let jug-eared crisp thief Gary Lineker read the meter these days, according to PR consultancy Countrywide Porter Novelli (CPN).

In a press release to publicise its otherwise deadly dull “multivariate statistical analysis,” the company reveals that when it asked people to decide how much they trust various personalities to tell them about products, the Silver Fox lost out. Back to the plant food then, Des.

So accurate is CPN’s technique that it threw up (their words) Johnny Vegas’s name to front a food hygiene campaign. The Diary can only marvel at the insight. And wonder why neither Gary nor Des could be trusted to bring us the right result against Brazil.


SC Johnson prepares to launch Mr Muscle orange extract variant

Marketing Week

SC Johnson is preparing to launch Mr Muscle All-Purpose Orange Action next month, as marketers turn to orange peel and orange oil extract to lure consumers to their brands, following the recent trend towards using extract of aloe vera in houshold goods (MW last week). Industry sources confirm that manufacturers of own-branded household products are […]

New Balance appoints UK head of marketing

Marketing Week

New Balance has appointed Chris Cotcher as head of marketing for the UK. Cotcher joins from brand consultancy Haines McGregor and has also held various positions with Converse. Cotcher replaces Clark McConnachie, who has been managing the UK office temporarily. McConnachie will move into a sales role in Scotland. Another new appointment, Richard Ward, will […]


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