TSB searches for apprentices to help fuel brand growth

TSB is kicking off a new programme that will see the bank recruit two apprentices to work in its digital marketing team and internal creative studio, as it looks to fuel the next stage of growth.

ApprenticeshipTSB is on the hunt for two marketing apprentices to propel the business forward amid wider investment in data and an upcoming brand relaunch.

In partnership with The Marketing Academy Foundation, the programme will see two apprentices join TSB for a year, with one working in the digital marketing team and another joining its internal creative agency, Kindred. The roles will be located in either Bristol or London, depending where the most suitable and talented applicants live.

CMO Pete Markey, who is executive sponsor of the programme, believes now is the right time to diversify the talent pool at TSB and bring in people with different ideas to shape its thinking moving forward, especially as momentum is building within the marketing team.

“This year we’ve worked with The7Stars, McCann and Oliver, and it’s the first time in my career I’ve worked with three new agencies. It’s brought such fresh energy to what we’re doing and where we’re heading,” he explains.

“My thinking with my leadership team was ‘How do we build on that?’ and a way to do that is to bring people in who can not just benefit from a career in marketing, but also be there to challenge us and work with us, particularly if they’re approaching marketing from a different background and a different level of experience. Now felt like a moment to harness that momentum and energy in terms of where we’re going next.”

I’m very much looking for these apprentices to learn and get great experience, but also to ask really smart questions.

Pete Markey, TSB

It is an exciting time for the apprentices to join the team, says Markey, especially given TSB is putting renewed emphasis on data and one new starter will gain hands-on experience of the Adobe Experience Platform.

The other role is working within the bank’s internal creative studio Kindred, which brings together TSB’s creative director and account team with designers, producers and copywriters from Oliver. As well as working on the roll out of TSB’s new brand identity, Kindred manages creative for email, direct mail, digital assets, banner activity, social content and video production, as well as leading projects for internal teams such as HR and internal comms.

“Those are two growth drivers in the business in terms of where we’re heading and both are interlinked, because the strategy behind the studio is about fast-turnaround quality creative, which is then used in our digital and data driven activity,” says Markey. “Both the apprentices are going to be in the driving seat of some really exciting work.”

Is marketing ready to break down the barriers for diverse young talent?

He wants his marketing teams to reflect the diversity of the customers TSB serves across the UK and learn from each other, with the apprentices being encouraged to share their ideas and experience with the whole team. The marketers want to get their perspective on the financial services industry, as well as the media they use and the brands they engage with, in order to gain a fresh perspective.

“I learn so much from my team at every level and I like having an environment where everyone can speak up and everyone’s got a voice. I’m very much looking for these apprentices to learn and get great experience, but also to ask really smart questions, to challenge and shape what we do,” Markey adds.

Collaborative approach

While the initial two apprentices will be working with the bank for a year, TSB is making a longer-term commitment to its partnership with The Marketing Academy Foundation.

A registered charity, the foundation helps kickstart careers in marketing and communications for young adults from challenging backgrounds. These include young people who have spent time in Care, have refugee status or have grown up in areas classified as deprived.

The Marketing Academy Foundation CEO, Daryl Fielding, is pleased to have TSB join the list of brands committing to opening marketing up to a diverse cohort of young people.

“We are confident that an organisation that is as committed to social purpose as it is to high performance will be a stimulating and nurturing environment for two apprentices,” she says.

“It is important that world class organisations lead the way on diversity in our industry by actions not just words. When they do, we can level the playing field for bright, capable and driven individuals whose start in life has been more challenging than most.”

To date, The Marketing Academy Foundation has supported 20 young people starting their careers in marketing, at organisations such as Amazon, Nationwide, Nomad Foods, the Prince’s Trust, Virgin Atlantic and creative agency Karmarama. The apprentices are provided with coaching, training and mentoring to ensure their experience gets off to the best start.

It is important that world class organisations lead the way on diversity in our industry by actions not just words.

Daryl Fielding, The Marketing Academy Foundation

“The Marketing Academy Foundation is brilliant and part of the confidence I’ve got in this programme is how brilliant they are at bringing people in and the level of coaching, mentoring and support they provide,” says Markey.

“It’s very much a partnership. Daryl, with Sherilyn [Shackell, foundation trustee and founder of The Marketing Academy], has done such a great job with the foundation. It is a first-class organisation and the level of support they give the apprentices is outstanding.”

He is confident that TSB will adapt to bringing the apprentices into the business as remote working is likely to still be the norm. New starters have joined the 100-strong marketing team over the past six months whom Markey, despite having interviewed them via Zoom, has never met face-to-face. These include new hires in digital marketing and the partnerships team.

“We’ve found a way to bring people in and involve them, and make them feel part of the team, so I’m confident that we can do that. But the double confidence I’ve got is how good The Marketing Academy Foundation are and how well they’ve adapted,” Markey adds.