TSW launches bespoke search arm

Leading UK search engine marketing company The Search Works (TSW) has launched a new company, The Technology Works (TTW), to offer bespoke technology packages to agencies and major clients.

Nick Hynes, TSW group chief executive, explains: “The maturity of some clients has reached the point where they realise search marketing is fundamental to their business. We are now seeing the creation of in-house departments where before they would buy in services.”

As a result, TSW has decided to split into two companies. TSW will continue to offer managed search marketing services to clients, while TTW will create specially tailored versions of the group’s software suites (including its BidBuddy bid-management system) so that agencies and clients can manage search marketing campaigns themselves.

Hynes says some clients will never want to manage search marketing themselves, because it involves bidding on thousands of keywords at any one time and constantly monitoring consumers’ searches, so that search advertising copy can be tweaked to optimise its effectiveness. Other clients and agencies, however, have been building up skills and are now ready to take on more of the search management tasks themselves.


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