Turn the udder cheek to rules

I write in response to Jim Milward’s letter “Boddingtons’ udder problem” (Letters, MW September 16).

Thank you Jim for pointing out one of the Boddingtons cow’s unique physical characteristics. Interestingly, you don’t mention that he also stands on two feet, is yellow and black, talks and drinks beer.

Graham the cow is very relaxed about the fact he has udders – mainly because if you’re into “Cream”, what better way to demonstrate it?

Perhaps you’d also like to take a look at Marge Simpson, who seems to be fairly well adjusted despite her two-foot-high blue hair, or at South Park’s Kenny, who dies every week, then miraculously walks again in the next episode.

Amazingly, some punters find all this madcap imagery quite funny…

Someone once said that there are two rules in advertising:

1) get noticed

2) there are no rules

We reckon those rules still apply.

Seamus O’Farrell

Group business director

Bartle Bogle Hegarty

London W


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