Turtle Wax shines the facts

I write to correct some inaccuracies in “Turtle Wax marketing head in sudden exit” (MW March 14).

Steve Chandler wasn’t head of marketing for Turtle Wax. Turtle Wax is a privately-owned US company and I am UK marketing manager.

Color Magic is a car polish, not a lubricant.

Turtle Wax manufactures Color Magic in its factory in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. The product has always been Turtle Wax branded.

Our ad agency is BDH, not J Walter Thompson.

We have advertised on TV since 1981 and we will continue in 1997.

Peter White

Marketing manager

Turtle Wax



Steve Chandler was, in fact, head of marketing for Holt Lloyd, which distributes Turtle Wax products – as the story made clear. We apologise to Peter White for the error in the headline. – Editor


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