TV ad spend by online brands reached £180m in 2009

Online brands have increased spend on TV by 172% annually over the past five years to reach £180m in 2009.

The research, by Nielsen Media Research on behalf of marketing trade body for TV Thinkbox, revealed online brand’s spend on TV had increased from £10m in 2004 to £180m in 2009.

Thinkbox said that the growth supports the idea that TV can help generate online traffic as it found 94% of people claimed to have gone online as a direct result of watching TV in the last 12 months.

David Brennan, research and strategy director at Thinkbox, said, “Some of the most memorable and effective TV campaigns of the last year have been created by online brands. It is further proof of TV’s healthy commercial relationship with the internet. TV drives online response better than any other media channel.”

According to the research, the effectiveness of TV in driving online traffic has been boosted by simultaneous web browsing and TV viewing.  Some 54% of online consumers go online at the same time as watching TV every day.

Amelia Torode, head of strategy and innovation at VCCP, said, “The best campaigns seamlessly weave on and offline together while making the most of the participation potential of individual channels.”

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