TV and DM marketing work best hand-in-hand

Integrated television and direct marketing campaigns generate greater response rates than using the disciplines individually, according to a study.

Rupert Howell

The study, published by ITV and the Direct Marketing Association, claims that response rates were 143% higher when TV and DM are combined than when used alone; a combination of TV and online improves response rates by 175%.

Rupert Howell, managing director of brand and commercial at ITV, claims the study – which was carried out by Data Talk – shows television “makes marketing messages work harder”.

“In the current climate there is greater pressure than ever to ensure that every penny of marketing spend works harder,” he says.

Robert Keitch, chief of membership and brand at DMA says the results of the survey highlight the need for a “shift in the way advertisers think about the relationship between direct and mass marketing media”.

Meanwhile, a separate study has highlighted how radio can boost brand browsing online. A study of 23 brand campaigns by the Radio Advertising Bureau found that consumers are 52% more likely to browse for a brand online after exposure to a radio campaign.

The study, which compared the internet browsing patterns of those exposed to the radio campaigns and those who were not, also found that 58% of the browsing stimulated by radio takes place in 24 hours of exposure to advertising.

The ITV/DMA study surveyed 3,000 adults between June and August last year.



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