TV sponsors in numbers game

In reference to your article “CU gets hot response to ITV branding” (MW September 22), it’s good to see some recognition of the contribution that TV sponsorship can make when properly exploited. I must correct you, however, for stating that this is the first time a response number has been included on-air as part of a TV sponsorship.

In fact, PPP, as part of its Peak Practice sponsorship, included a toll-free response number for a booklet giving further information about each programme – more recently between May and September this year in a campaign set up by MGA. Admiral Insurance has been sponsoring Carlton Television’s Drive Guide programme and successfully generating a high response and sales of motor insurance from an on-air, till-free number designed to distribute a programme information booklet.

This is a new area that has been pioneered by broadcast sponsorship specialists and, as such, underlines the value of using dedicated services in a media market of vastly expanding opportunity.

Colin Jelfs

Account director

MGA Broadcasting

New Malden



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