Twitter data boss: Brands are too infatuated with big events

Brands should stop focusing their marketing around big ‘lightning’ events such as the Superbowl via Twitter and start to do a better job in regularly talking to customers, according to social media giant’s data strategy boss.

Speaking at the Cannes Lions Festival today (22 June), Twitter’s Chris Moody said customers reach out to the top 100 brands on Twitter 45 million times a month but that brands have just a 2% response rate.

He also highlighted that while big events such as the Super Bowl might generate 50,000 tweets around a particular campaign, brand mentions top 9.3 million.

“Advertisers are infatuated with the huge events – the Super Bowl – they always want to focus on lightning events but there is more energy out there. We can predict it and know how to grab it, it is your [brands] job to find a creative way to harness it,” he said to delegates.

Moody pointed to examples such as Spotify. The music service was contacted by a customer having issues with his service which turned out to be a bug that Spotify was then able to fix.

To thank him, Spotify created a personalised playlist with the song titles thanking him for his time and telling him to ” Stay classy”.

“Your best customers are your existing ones. The energy is there waiting to be harnessed,” said Moody.

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