Twitter mobile use jumps 62% since April

Twitter’s mobile user numbers have increased 62% since April following efforts to make the service easier to discover and use on smartphones.

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A post on the company’s official blog added that 16% of all new Twitter users were using it on mobile and that 46% of all active users regularly use the service via mobile as well as their PCs.

The two most popular mobile platforms for using Twitter last month were iPhone and BlackBerry. 8% of all Twitter users post via SMS and 14% use the service via its mobile site.

In the blogpost, Evan Williams Twitter co-founder and CEO, wrote: “Just over four months ago at our Twitter developer conference…one major area of difficulty I highlighted was getting Twitter on your phone. We did iPhone user tests and confirmed that even though there was a plethora of third-party Twitter apps, people were having trouble finding and selecting one because none were called ’Twitter’.”

Since April, Twitter has acquired the rights to apps such as Tweetie and rebranded it Twitter for iPhone, and recently launched a new version of Twitter for Android.

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Social media is for brands too

Marketing Week

Mark Ritson’s recent article “Social Media Is For People Not Brands” (MW 2 September) is rather difficult to substantiate as it states social media is categorically not useful for brands, when using only Twitter as an example.


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