Twitter opens the door to advertising

Twitter, the micro-blogging site, is planning to start generating revenue by allowing advertisers access to its more than 45 million monthly visitors.


Company co-founder Biz Stone has revealed on Twitter’s official blog that it would be revising its terms of service to “leave the door open for advertising”. Some observers say it is the strongest hint that it could consider taking an ad-based model.

It is not know at this stage however just how wide reaching advertising opportunities will be, stating in its terms that “the types and extent of advertising by Twitter on the services are subject to change”.

Competitor Facebook already allows advertising on its site.

Stone says among the areas it is looking into is adding services for companies which could include an “analytics dashboard” which would help them monitor tweets about their businesses.

It is hoping that companies such as Coca-Cola and L’Oreal, which already uses its site, will be willing to pay for such a service in order to gain more information about their followers.



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