Twitter preparing to launch ad model

Twitter is close to launching an advertising model which will see ads served in search results on the site, according to reports.


A report on The Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital said Twitter was briefing people about plans to implement ads tied to its search results, meaning they won’t appear in users’ regular streams.

The ads will copy the 140-character style of the micro-blogging site and Twitter will sell them via agencies before moving to a self-service model like Google and Facebook.

Reports haven’t confirmed a date or pricing model, but it’s thought Twitter plans to launch the ad model in the first half of this year.

It’s also thought to be close to launching new features publicly that are currently only used by its staff in closed beta.

Alex Payne, an engineer at Twitter, said via his Twitter account that new features would be coming soon that might stop people from using desktop Twitter tools such as Tweetdeck or Seesmic.

“If you had some of the nifty site features that we Twitter employees have, you might not want to use a desktop client,” he said.

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