Twitter’s Bruce Daisley shares best practice tips

Bruce Daisley, director of UK sales at Twitter, who will be speaking at Marketing Week Live later this month, shares his thoughts on how brands should be using the social media platform to their advantage.

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When things happen in the real world they are reflected on Twitter. About 400 million tweets are sent every day. Savvy brands are capturing what is happening in the moment and turning it into a marketing opportunity. Don’t leave this to chance. The people who do ‘marketing in the moment’ really well are the ones who prepare in advance.

• With content the substance of any consumer conversation, you need to think what your content says about your brand every day. Planning what you say, and when you say it, is key to success. We see successful content as largely giving one-to-one help, broadcasting information, or entertaining. And remember being entertaining doesn’t mean it always has to be funny.

• Brands who think about their tone of voice are the ones doing the best. We all want to be spoken to in a down to earth approachable way.

• Think about ‘sweet spot’ moments. Are you ready to create, harness and amplify the buzz around your key launches, sponsorships and campaigns?

• Deeper integration stimulates a greater volume of Twitter conversation. Inviting users to participate through competitions, polling or generating their own content creates involvement and feedback loops that propel your brand story further and faster.

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