Twitter’s data tool is a positive move towards real-time insights

Twitter has launched a beta version of an interactive data tool that maps out buzz around everyday moments, signalling a much-needed move towards real-time insights. 

Mindi Chahal

As marketers look to connect with consumers when they are most active, having access to research and insight in real-time is vital.

This is why Twitter’s new research tool is a positive move for brands and why more data-rich companies could be making more use of, and give more access to, behavioural insights.

The tool shows the ways in which people share updates and interact around everyday moments, for example commuting, going to the gym or to a movie, over the course of a typical week on Twitter.

It categorises different types of conversations and maps them out across the UK. For example, those seeking to connect with people on their commute can look under transport and select key words such as trains, traffic and tube to see which words gain the most buzz on a map of the UK.

The tool is being launched to answer a call from brands to understand, though research, the opportunity of connecting with consumers more often.

Twitter also announced a trial of Promoted Video, a new ad format that will allow brands to extend the reach of their video content.

However, there is also a call for data and insights in this area. Speaking to Marketing Week, Jed Hallam, head of social strategy at media agency Mindshare, says that brands should be demanding a deep level of insights on the user interactions with video content.

In terms of video, it’s a case of watching how the platform evolves, certainly in forming a standard metric for video ad views.

However, the data Twitter has made available through the real-time research tool is a promising start for marketers to capitalise on.



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