Two Burton’s brands to be relaunched

Burton Foods, the biscuit manufacturer, is relaunching it flagship brand Wagon Wheel. The biscuit is also being reformulated to contain more real chocolate.

The new Wagon Wheel, which will be in stores from next month, will now be covered with real chocolate rather than chocolate- flavoured coating.

It will also have chocolate sauce inside it and will be made with chocolate biscuit. It will retain its jam variant, which will also be covered with real chocolate.

It is understood that the range will have redesigned packaging and the relaunch will be supported by a television campaign to raise awareness of the changes.

It is thought that the company has decided to reformulate Wagon Wheel to help boost sales of the brand, which has suffered from suggestions that the size of the biscuit has been reduced over recent years. The brand’s advertising is handled by Saatchi & Saatchi.

Burton Foods is also reformulating its Jammie Dodgers brand to halve the amount of salt and remove all artificial colourings.

The launch will be supported by an advertising campaign.


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