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Why Bacardi is swimming upstream

Marketing Week

Social networking is to play a core role in Bacardi’s new ‘You In?’ global marketing campaign, which starts in the UK at the beginning of August (MW last week). Although traditional media – television, cinema and poster advertising – will be important to the ‘celebrity-free’ campaign, interactive media – online and interactive TV – will […]

McDonald’s moves closer to US-inspired roster strategy

Marketing Week

McDonald’s, like any major UK advertiser, is subject to almost weekly speculation that it is on the verge of reviewing its account, worth &£42m. Now the chain is holding its second roster pitch this year – this time between The Marketing Store and Publicis Dialogue for European below-the-line work – adding fuel to the rumours […]

Right car, wrong target for Vauxhall?

Marketing Week

If the extravagance of a car launch offers an insight into its importance to a manufacturer then the roll-out of the new Corsa is crucial to Vauxhall. The car was flown along the River Thames by helicopter last week, before being unveiled to 1

The Sportsman – still a good outside bet?

Marketing Week

The Sportsman, heralded as the first national newspaper launch for 20 years when it hit the newsstands in March, is struggling amid reports its management team has spent the &£12m start-up budget and is seeking an extra &£4m from the title’s original backers. Ahead of its launch, much was made of the newspaper’s heavyweight executive […]

Carbon Trust pushes for a change in the business climate

Marketing Week

In the same week that the Government announced the findings of its Energy Review, government-funded quango the Carbon Trust kicked off a &£50m statutory review of its marketing and communications strategy (MW last week). The pitch will encompass all marketing and communications, from media planning and buying to call centre services and media relations until […]

Newspapers battle with the blogging bug

Marketing Week

He might be the subject of the first high-profile political story in the UK to be driven by bloggers but John Prescott is pleading ignorance. In an interview last week the Deputy Prime Minister said: “I think it’s called the internet or blogs

Ruling corporate fiefdoms

Marketing Week

The restructure of marketing at BT that has unfolded over the past fortnight highlights the company’s attempts to create a coherent brand message for the sprawling telecoms giant’s various activities. Creating a centralised system for communications in large businesses where profit responsibilities are spread across different business units is a complex task. It takes a […]

Does home have to be where the heartland is?

Marketing Week

Warburtons, the Lancashire-based baker, is one of an increasing number of regional “superbrands” looking to move beyond their heartland into new territories. Warburtons has put its £5m media account up for pitch and is seeking to develop a nat

Why Ford needs Mazda’s zoom zoom

Marketing Week

Ford’s decision to poach Mazda’s European marketing chief Steve Cootes to run Land Rover in Europe (MW last week) is further evidence of the respect the car giant has for the management team that has masterminded the turnaround of its Japanese

Media Steps trips up in the outdoor arena

Marketing Week

Media Steps, an outdoor media specialist set up to sell ad space on stairways in train stations and sports stadia around the UK, has sold its business for £1 this week after putting up the “for sale” sign (MW last week). It listed on the stock

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